Box Office FAQ

Q: How long does HIFF membership last?
A: HIFF membership lasts 365 days from the date of purchase.

Q: What is the difference between the HIFF Ohana membership packages this year?
A: The only real difference between the 3 different memberships is the number of discounted tickets you may purchase per screening.

Q: How many seats are held for Festival Pass Members?
A: Our large theaters are holding 90 seats while our smaller theaters are holding 45 seats. That means at any one time we have 180 seats held out of the 200 passes we are limiting sales to.

Q: What if I don’t have time to get in line as I have a Festival Pass because my movie got out late.
A: As long as we are not at the pass holder limit and are done seating the pass holders in line you are more than welcome to enter the theater and have your pass validated.

Q: Why do I have to wait for the ticket holders to go in if I have a Festival Pass?
A: We hold a certain number of seats for Festival Pass holders to ensure all ticket holders have a seat. The door volunteer captain will know if we are going to have remaining seats available after the ticket holders are let in and can let you know how many seats are remaining in the theater.

Q: If I buy a ticket package can I stand in the membership line?
A: No. The ticket packages were designed for non-members to be able to buy bulk tickets at a slight discount from the regular ticket price. These tickets are all General Admission line and don’t qualify you to stand in the membership line.

Q: Is my Festival Pass or ticket package good for the fall festival if I buy it in spring?
A: No. All passes and ticket packages are only valid for the festival that you purchase them for.

Q: How do I purchase online? I don’t see the membership price.
A: Discounts are applied upon check out, so you won’t see the member price or ticket type until you check out. Please finish your order and on the check out screen you will see the discounted tickets and prices.

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