By HIFF | November 06, 2018

Popcorn is basic.*

At HIFF38, we’re taking the love affair between food and cinema to the next level in our Eat.Drink.Film section, sampling the delicious possibilities of world cinema.


Shiori is a star student with an incredible palate for wine who dreams of studying winemaking in France. However, to her dismay she is assigned to a rural sake brewery for her internship. To make matters worse, upon arrival she discovers that the brewery owners don’t exactly want her around. But when the brewery owner falls ill, and his upstart son is forced to take the lead, Shiori may provide the spark that can save the brewery and change her own life in the process..

To celebrate all things sake, the November 11 screening of this film will be followed by a sake tasting event. Featuring the sake featured in the movie (along other breweries from Saijo, Hiroshima) and accompanied by Japanese cuisine presented by Mariposa Restaurant of Neiman Marcus, dinner will feature appearances from director Naoki Segi and Miss Sake, Aya Kodama, Kazuhiro Maegaki from the Kamoizumi Sake’ Brewery.

This event is made possible through the support of Kokusai Sake Kai, international sake’ club.

For more information, go to LOVE FOR SAKE page.


University student Noriko (Haru Kuroki) feels aimless, unlike her best friend Michiko who seems to have it all together, and when her mother suggests the two spend their Summer learning tea ceremony from a local teacher, she balks. But when the girls meet Teacher Takeda (Kiki Kirin) they quickly realize there is much more to ‘tea’ than meets the eye, setting off transformative journey into the heart of tradition, connection, and family.

An outstanding effort from director Tatsushi Omori, the film features a stand-out performance by both Haru Kuroki and the legendary Kiki Kirin in her swan-song appearance.


While many of young Flynn McGarry’s peers were playing video games, he was creating remarkable gastronomic delights far beyond his years. He loved to prepare elaborate dinners for friends and family and soon became known as the “Teen Chef,” establishing his own supper club at age 12 and being featured in a New York Times Magazine cover story at age 15. With a trove of personal archival footage and new, intimate vérité footage, director Cameron Yates creates a collage of Flynn’s singular focus and distinctive path through childhood.

* Sorry popcorn, I didn’t mean to be hurtful. See you at the Regal Cinemas candy bar later ;)

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