Creative Lab 2012 Workshops / Seminars

2012 Creative Lab Workshops / Seminars

Participants: Leon D. Silverman, Laurin Herr, Thomas A. DeFanti, Ph.D

New avenues of opportunities in production and post production are expanding the tool kit for content creators in film, television and digital media. From collaborations across continents, to audio and video post in real time and digital distribution of product via 4K and HD platforms, new ways for creators to collaborate on are more real than ever before. The teams from Disney Digital Studios and CineGrid – an international collective of universities, software companies and entertainment companies – will share how broadband photonic networks are redefining the workflows in post production, traditional and new media content and distribution and how the doors of opportunity have never been greater.


Participants: George Christopoulos, Richard Bellis

International composer agent George Christopoulos will discuss challenges in today’s film industry for artists and their agents; strategies for for working with international markets; the duties of a film composer—from an agent’s perspective; when and why to seek an agent in Hollywood and outside U.S.; composer expectations vs. filmmaker demands; how filmmakers approach the use of music in film; and the differences and commonality among composers around the world.

Emmy Award winning composer Richard Bellis will focus on aspects of the film composer’s craft, toward understanding the difference between a concert composer and a film composer. This will include synchronizing music with picture, avoiding sonic competition; why film music is not an app; challenges facing today’s emerging film composer; the current state of the profession; the roll and importance of performing rights organizations; who gives, who gets and how things work.



MEET THE DIRECTOR is an intimate one-on-one conversation between a special guest director and host Nate Kohn, during which the director will discuss their films, style, voice, philosophy, passions, and approach to filmmaking.  This session affords a special opportunity to watch, listen and engage as the director talks about their life’s work in their own words.  The discussion will be followed by Q & A interaction with the audience.


Participants: Philip Chung, Kevin Wu (aka KevJumba), Chester See, Nikki SooHoo

HIFF’s NEW MEDIA ACADEMY is the inaugural event of HIFF’s Creative Lab, exploring a new media world that is rapidly expanding and becoming democratized through the advent of low cost and free digital tools and online distribution.  DIY media makers (mainly from YouTube, thanks to the YouTube Partner Program and the recent investment into original content for 100 verticals), are monetizing their content, strengthening their branding, creating authentic viewing experiences and, often, direct contact with their fans.

One of these is YOMYOMF Network (acronym for You Offend Me You Offend My Family), launched this summer by Hollywood director Justin Lin (FAST FIVE, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW) and partners Ryan Higa (aka NigaHiga), Kevin Wu (aka KevJumba), Chester See, NBA star Baron Davis, and producer Cash Warren, among others. It skyrocketed to become one of the most popular YouTube channels, constantly among the top 10 and has garnered over 430,000 subscribers and 22 million views to date.


Participants: Renee Haynes, Kalani Queypo, Irene Bedard, Parvesh Cheena

SAG-AFTRA, the nation’s largest labor union representing working actors and other media artists, is offering an opportunity to learn about the art and business of being a professional actor. Taught by professional actors and industry experts, THE BUSINESS OF ACTING WORKSHOP, gives an overview of industry practices, guidance and thorough insight into headshots, resumes, reels, representation, audition tapes, multimedia resources, social media tips, audition camera technique and an overview of the industry. Casting director Renee Haynes (TWILIGHT) will join us along with other notable SAG-AFTRA members from film and television, including Kalani Queypo (THE NEW WORLD,) Irene Bedard (SMOKE SIGNALS, POCAHONTAS,) and Parvesh Cheena (OUTSOURCED.)


Participants:  Debra Zimmerman

With the democratization of filmmaking through digital media, new filmmakers and citizen documenters are emerging everyday. It is an exciting time to be a filmmaker, especially a woman filmmaker, as the playing field has leveled through egalitarian and DIY production and distribution (YouTube for example). However, traditional models such as public broadcasting and theatrical distribution, are becoming increasingly difficult.

With this dichotomy in indie filmmaking, how can a filmmaker utilize the tools available today to have their project stick out from the rest of the pack? What strategies, such as the use of social media, can be used to increase the female filmmaking voice? What resources are out there to help in terms of financing and support to get your film off the ground? These topics and more will be discussed by a panel of successful women filmmakers from across the nation. This panel will feature special guest and moderator Debra Zimmerman, Executive Director of arts organization WOMEN MAKE MOVIES, and is part of HIFF’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of this groundbreaking organization.