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Welcome to the HIFF Spring Showcase!

Aloha, and welcome to the HIFF Spring Showcase! Can you believe this is our 15th edition? When we first started the Spring Showcase, it was a means to have our award winning HIFF programming live during our festival “off-season.” In other words, to hold a mini-film festival outside of our usual fall season.

Although HIFF has always been a fall film festival, the Spring Showcase (formerly known as HIFF’s Spring Fling when we started it in the late ‘90s), has grown from a weekend of a half dozen titles, into a full-fledged 7-day film series presenting 35 feature length films! My, have times changed!

We open with a true crowd pleaser starring the luminous French actress Catherine Deneuve in a career highlight performance. ON MY WAY is a wonderful, poignant and very funny comedy about a former beauty queen turned bistro owner and her last shot at love and happiness over a lifetime of nostalgia and regret.

On the flip side, we close the Spring Showcase with a special sneak peek of Hawaii-based documentary KUMU HINA. The film, by Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson, is an excellent, well produced one year account of Kumu Hina (Hawaiian teacher, same sex marriage advocate and OHA candidate), and her current life as a hula teacher and goes in-depth into her personal life as well, with some intimate scenes of raw emotion. It’s an insight into a world that may be unfamiliar to the general public, but also shows that we all deal with the same issues in life.

And with 35 films from around the world, “unspooling” for one week (and some extra days in April at the Hawaii Theatre Center), this just goes to show the power of international cinema and its need here in Hawaii. The HIFF Spring Showcase has grown very popular, even rivaling our fall festival, when it comes to scalable attendance when compared to the “Mothership” or the HIFF Fall Festival.

This year also marks a major transition in our 34 year history as an organization. We have revamped our HIFF membership infrastructure. Now, change is always scary, but we want to assure you that we have made changes for the better and in the end, have actually made it more robust and a true year-round membership. In addition, your membership dues will help the HIFF organization expand it’s many initiatives beyond the film festival, mainly in our education and community programs.

But, if you just care about the actual film festival itself and the discounts that membership used to give you, then you can forgo membership and just purchase one of our many “ticket packages” instead, which resembles our former membership levels from last year (with some very slight alterations).

We have heard some of the concerned feedback about this revamp and we are taking it to heart. However, we feel as an organization in transformation into a full-fledged film society that will not only organize the annual film festival(s), Creative Lab, new community programs (for film enthusiasts of all ages), and one day, filmmaker and artist support services, we need to make these changes to allow HIFF to become more robust and a new organization that expands its footprint in the 21st Century.

If you have further questions about the new Membership system, head over to our Box-Office & Membership FAQs page. You can also check out our various membership level pricing or Spring Showcase ticket package pricing over here.

In the end, we cannot mount HIFF without your support and we are forever and humbly grateful. We look forward to greeting you at the theaters this April. See you at the movies!


Robert Lambeth            Anderson Le
Executive Director        Director of Programming

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