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SEOUL SEARCHING is the 80’s teen comedy you’ve been looking for


By Jordan Csigi (Ebert Young Writers Participant)

Benson Lee’s 80’s comedy was the most fun I had during this year’s Hawaii Internation Film Festival. If you liked any of the John Hughes films in the past such as The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Sixteen Candles (minus Long Duk Dong), Seoul Searching is a must see.

The movie takes place in South Korea at a government camp for foreign born teenagers to learn more about their culture. The three main protagonists are Sid Park (Justin Chon), Klaus Kim (Teo Yoo), and Sergio Kim (Esteban Ahn). Sid is the Punk Rock American kid who idolizes Sid Vicious. Klaus is the preppy rich boy from Germany. Then we have Sergio as the Mexican-Korean hybrid.

Seoul Searching is a movie with a lot of charisma and heart from start to finish. The characters are very well developed and it’s most likely due to the fact the director/writer of the film worked on it for 15 years. Sergio in my opinion was the show stealer whenever he was on the screen with his fresh of the boat antics. There is so many great moments in this film from the drunk make out scene with Sid and Grace to the time the whole camp got into a fist fight with students visiting from Japan. I highly recommend to check this film out when it releases spring of 2016.

As a part of our Ebert Young Writers Program for the Arts, we will be publishing the participants reviews and interviews they produce for the workshop on the official HIFF blog.

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