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Say Morning with Movies: Program Guides and Coffee

Sbux got my name right!They got my name right! Sbux, you’re now batting 1-29. 

You know it’s gonna be a good day when a Starbucks barista gets your name right. (“Wait, you’re letting me be me, not “Ben” or “Max” or “Mortimer” (true story) this morning? Holla.”) An even better day when you have your HIFF catalog with you—which you can conveniently pick up at your neighborhood Starbucks (aka, any corner on any street anywhere) among other places.

The free program guide, which came out ~1 week ago, is like water for the film festival goer. It has everything in it to survive!

Page 2-3 has Festival at a Glance: an index of every category, every film, every event—a shortlist of special sections and who to stalk visiting filmmakers and actors at this year’s fest. Pages 5-31 is the Program Guide: a list of all the films w/ synopses in alpha order. Pages 34-36 lays out the entire Film Timetable and How to HIFF. What I’m saying is there’s really no reason to be out of the loop. You have a comprehensive guide to HIFF and a cup of caffeine!

PS – when you wake up this time tomorrow morning, it’ll officially be time to HIFF. Good morning, Hawaii!

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