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A Savory Recollection of Opening Night Gala

Last night was the Opening Night Gala for HIFF 2011 and I was pleasantly there. Don’t worry, I DVR-ed Millionaire Matchmaker for everyone who attended, so you can breathe your sighs of relief now.

It took place at the Halekulani, which I read in the news today (something I do every morning while nibbling on a biscotti like an uber cultured individge) was ranked 36th in the 2011 “Top 200 Hotels in the United States” by Condé Nast Traveler readers. Not surprised! I mean, did you see their desserts table last night?!

Eatin' LA DOLCE VITA at HalekulaniEatin’ LA DOLCE VITA at Halekulani If you were vulture-ing that buffet for a good 45 minutes then maybe I stole a Tiramisu tart from you—nice to meet you! I was with the “Korean Jackie O” (awesome George Drakoulias’s own words) and our Hawaii Fav-0 Chinatown clubowner, Chris Kahunahana who’ll be hosting 9TH WONDER at Nextdoor tonight.

Speaking of 9th Wonder, in between Chuck Boller’s very gratious welcome speech and the attentive Disaronno bar courtesy of Young’s Market, I got to meet the hip-hop DJ (bucket list: check). Feeling jacked on inspiration, I even tried to spit a few rhymes of my own and asked him if he was enjoying the O.N.G. (Opening Night Gala). Whoops, that was embarrassing…

Next time I promise to take more photos, but as you can see I kind of had my hands full (pictured), so instead scroll through Hawaii RED Magazine’s photos of the night’s FASHUNZ here. On the Dole Cannery Theater side, here’s some shots via Honolulu Pulse.

In conclusion, have a feeling this year’s festival is gonna be the sweetest ever.


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