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Okinawan superhero film RYUJIN MABUYER is now playing in Hawaii theatres

“So right now, there’s no other venue in Hawai’i, except for the Hawaii International Film Festival. On the Mainland, we show four to six Japanese films per year, so we want to change the situation here.”
-Shun Ohara, Eleven Arts VP of Distribution

We saw the recent coverage of Okinawan superhero movie RYUJIN MABUYER in The Hawai’i Herald, and it is currently playing at Pearlridge West 16 Theatres through March 1st. HIFF had the world premiere of the RYUJIN MABUYER film last October, then it opened in Okinawa late last year to record opening weekend numbers. It’s a great example of incorporating local culture into a film or TV series. MABUYER was filmed and produced entirely in Okinawa, plus features an all-Uchinanchu cast.

The Hawaii International Film Festival is proud to be one of the only places to showcase Japanese films like RYUJIN MABUYER in Hawaii. MABUYER is being distributed by Eleven Arts, a Los Angeles based company that focuses on Japanese and Asian films. In the past, HIFF has shown many of their films, including: WHAT THE SNOW BRINGS (2005), COBALT BLUE (2009), THE HARIMAYA BRIDGE (2009), BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS (2010), and ALMOST PERFECT (2011). HIFF provides an excellent way to expose yourself to other countries’ cultures through the medium of film. With the multi-cultural makeup of Hawai’i, you can learn more about your own heritage, as well as your neighbors.



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