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Opening Day Festivities

The 31st Annual Hawaii International Film Festival started with a bang on Thursday! The morning press conference was well attended, I counted over 75 press in atttendance.  There was a variety of special guests as speakers including representatives from major sponsors of the festival: Halekulani and the Hawaii Tourism Authority, as well as representatives from movies and the Eurocinema organization.

You gotta give a hand to the Hawaii International Film Festival for connecting with Halekulani as their major sponsor. This place throws some of the most amazing special events in Hawaii. The Opening Night Gala was at the hotel and was mainly attended by delegates (out-of-towners associated with the movies), local and International press, and sponsors of the festival. Seriously, your company should consider being part of the festival just so you can come to this party.

Boneless Short Rib KatsuBoneless Short Rib Katsu

The Halekulani staff rolled out the red carpet on this one. Five food stations, 2 You-Call-It open bars, 1 special bar with a unique cocktail drink and an unbelievable dessert spread. Here is a photo of one of the entrees a Boneless Short Rib Katsu. The highlight was this amazing appetizer dish that was a Raw Oyster, Kim Chee, a piece of Pork and Miso on top. It was a flavor explosion. I would estimate about 200 people were there. I met people from all over the World that night – Los Angeles, New York, Korea, China, Japan and more. The International flair of the festival was truly shown at this Opening Night Gala.

I got another 11 nights to go. Yes, once again its the most wonderful time of the year for parties, gala’s and mingling with people from around the World here in Hawaii.

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