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Oh The Horror! At Spring Showcase 2012 that is!

Have no fear horror fans! Or perhaps I should say prepare to be afraid, very afraid! At Spring Showcase 2012 we do truly have films for everyone, and that includes the late night fright fanatic. And any HIFF fest would not be complete with out a great J-Horror to whet your appetites. So this Spring HIFF is bringing TORMENTED 3D from Japan! One of the wildest, most bizarre, and truly terrifying films to come out of Japan since JU-ON: THE GRUDGE (2002). And to complement this eastern fare, HIFF is also presenting homegrown fright fest V/H/S, a film that took Sundance by storm this past January!

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This is one film you will just have to see to believe. And maybe it’s better this time if I don’t divulge too much about this bizarre fantasy horror from director Takashi Shimizu (JU-ON: THE GRUDGE, 2002). What I can tell you is that the film’s original title is RABBIT HORROR 3D (RABITTO HORA 3D), and that the moral of the story is don’t smash real rabbits, and beware of befriending giant plush ones. This film from horror master Shimizu (an off shoot of his earlier THE SHOCK LABYRINTH 3D), is probably his strangest work yet, and his first collaboration with famed, longtime prolific cinematographer Christopher Doyle (IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, HERO, 2046, DUMPLINGS, and many, many others). Further, Shimizu has brought on board rising star Hikari Mitsushima (SMUGGLER: HIFF 2011, SAWAKO DECIDES: HIFF 2010, RINCO’S RESTAURANT: HIFF 2010) as lead actress in the film. With this trio at the helm, HIFF fans are in for a true delight!

This is the second ever 3D film presented at the Festival and the first HIFF 3D horror film. Truly a must-see Spring Showcase film; bring a date, bring your friends, leave the kids at home and don’t miss TORMENTED 3D!




2. V/H/S

Straight from a roaring premiere at Sundance Film Festival this past January, V/H/S takes the ‘found footage’ camcorder horror sub-genre to the next level. The moral of this tale: Old VHS tapes accompanied by dead bodies in derelict houses are probably best left unwatched. This unique film anthology has brought together a motley crew of up-and-coming horror cinema directors including Adam Wingard (A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE: HIFF 2010), Ti West (CABIN FEVER 2), and the Radio Silence gang. But what makes V/H/S one of the most innovative and exciting horror films of the year is that it uses the film-within-a-film structure to present something for every horror genre fan. Kind of like HIFF’s Spring Showcase: V/H/S is horror for everyone! Another true HIFF must-see that is making waves across the festival circuit. Grab some popcorn, grab a friend, and be prepared to jump out of your seat!





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