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Korean OFFICE Supplies Great Thrills


By Jordan Csigi (Ebert Young Writers Participant)

OFFICE is about a Korean salary man who is being hunted down by the police for supposedly murdering his family one night after a long day at work. This is Won-Chan Hong’s directorial debut, and for the first two acts I was on the edge of my seat. Korean filmmakers are infamous for their dark stories. For example: I Saw The Devil (2010), Mother (2009), The Chaser (2008, which Hong co-wrote), and finally Oldboy (2003). Office didn’t disappoint for most of the film. It hit all the right thriller notes as the pace started to build. The jump scares in this film came at the right moment and even made the audience laugh at how good it got them. Then came the third act of the film. It reminded of how I felt towards the end of The Conjuring in that the execution of the scares were off a bit for my taste, leaving me relaxed in my chair and no longer on the edge. Overall I enjoyed watching Office and cannot wait for what director Won-Chan Hong has in store for us in the future.

As a part of our Ebert Young Writers Program for the Arts, we will be publishing the participants reviews and interviews they produce for the workshop on the official HIFF blog.

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