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Keeping HIFF in Perspective: Opening, Centerpiece, Closing

Remember when I said HIFF is really easy about two posts back? Well, for argument’s sake/this post, I’m now going to tell you that it’s also kind of confusing! (Forgive me. Third latte. Can’t make up my mind.)

Luckily, the festival is propped up by three films, so you don’t lose your balance throughout the 10 day timeline:

Someone is clearly excited about Opening Night...
Someone is clearly excited about Opening Night…

THE FRONT LINE (pictured)
Thur., October 13, 8pm

Wed., October 19, 8:15pm

Sun., October 23, 6pm

They add a sense of form and structure to the fun-in-the-chaos that is HIFF. Since the OPENING NIGHT FILM is tomorrow, some myths we want to clean up (after the jump)…

Before we begin, let’s look at those two words again: OPENING NIGHT.

You can spell it out all regular and “Opening Night” all you want, but your brain somehow automatically CAPS LOCK IT because together those two words have an innate presence. I mean, there’s a reason John Cassavetes made it the title to one of his films and I get super anxious just looking at it. Get my therapist on the line (speed dial #3) because OPENING NIGHT is just too exciting!

Some misconceptions about it though…

1. Opening Night doesn’t mean this is the first film of the festival. In fact, there are a whole three other films that screen before the 8pm showing of THE FRONT LINE. You can catch TOGETHER or BEING ELMO: A PUPETEER’S JOURNEY and still have time to make “Opening Night,” for instance.

2. Opening Night is not sold out. Yet. THE FRONT LINE is a Korean war drama starring Shin Ha-gyun and is Korea’s nominee for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. You don’t want to miss this intense action drama, not to mention my aunty’s Korean drama fan club is getting together at their usual spot in the Pearlridge food court this very second, so I would hurry!!!!

3. Opening Night doesn’t screen more than once. Unlike a lot of films in the program, this is a one time screening. So get in line for THE FRONT LINE early, otherwise you’ll end up in The Front Line (rows 1–3), but hey, maybe that’s you’re thing. Do your thing.

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