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Hong Kong Cinema shines at Spring Showcase 2014

If you’re looking for heart-pounding action or spine-tingling horror, HIFF’s exciting spring line-up of Hong Kong titles has got you covered. We’ve got three of the hottest 2013/2014 films from Hong Kong at this year’s Spring Showcase that will truly leave you on the edge of your seat…

Hong Kong produces some of the best action/genre films in the world, and this year’s spring titles don’t disappoint. With some of the biggest HK hits of 2013/2014 featuring some of the hottest stars in Hong Kong, these three films are not to be missed:


FIRESTORM pic 1Hailed by critics as the best Hong Kong action film of the year, FIRESTORM takes the classic cops and robbers genre to a new level. Written and directed by rising star Alan Yuen, this tale of justice and vengeance asks how far is too far, when operating within the bounds of the law is just not enough… Featuring HK superstar Andy Lau (INFERNAL AFFAIRS, 2002; HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, 2004) in the lead role as Inspector Liu, FIRESTORM is filled with top notch action sequences, and hard-boiled drama that will hook you in and have you gripping your seat. Truly, a must see on the big screen. HIFF is honored to have this amazing film as part of our Spring Showcase program!

Saturday, April 05 9:30 PM Dole Cannery Theaters
Monday, April 07 8:30 PM Dole Cannery Theaters



RIGOR MORTIS pic 2The scariest film at Spring Showcase, and a perfect movie for a night out with friends or a cuddle-up date with your girlfriend/boyfriend, RIGOR MORTIS is the biggest Hong Kong horror hit of 2013. Fans of Asian horror will delight in this over-the-top supernatural ride, filled with ghosts, demons and evil spirits. Directed by Hong Kong pop star turned director Juno Mak, the film is an ode to the Hong Kong horror-comedy series MR. VAMPIRE. In many ways an homage to classic HK cinema, RIGOR MORTIS reinvents classic genre tropes with incredible visuals, mind blowing effects, and spine-chilling suspense. Grab your popcorn, hold on to your seats, come along for a ride through this atmospheric nightmare world…

Friday, April 04 9:15 PM Dole Cannery Theaters
Thursday, April 10 9:15 PM Dole Cannery Theaters



AS THE LIGHTS GO OUT pic 3Director Derek Kwok (GALLANTS, HIFF 2010; JOURNEY TO THE WEST, 2013) takes us deep into the world of the fearless firefighter in AS THE LIGHTS GO OUT. Just released in Hong Kong, this thrilling, edge-of-your-seat drama, offers a fully immersive experience for the viewer that must be enjoyed on the big screen. Using a combination of CG effects, stunning cinematography, and incredible sound effects, AS THE LIGHTS GO OUT puts you so close to the action, that you can almost smell the smoke. Featuring an all-star cast, including Simon Yam (THE THIEVES, HIFF 2012; IP MAN, HIFF 2008) , Nicolas Tse (THE STOOL PIGEON, HIFF 2010; BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS, HIFF 2010), Andy On (UNBEATABLE, HIFF 2013, COLD WAR, HIFF 2012), and Shawn Yue (LOVE IN A PUFF, HIFF 2010; INFERNAL AFFAIRS, 2002), this is a definite spring showcase must see! We only have one screening, so get your tickets early!

Thursday, April 10 6:30 PM Dole Cannery Theaters

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