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Horror Films at HIFF32

With Halloween right around the corner, these films are screening just in time to get your heart racing, mess with your mind, and even make you laugh. You might have caught or missed a few of them this past weekend: DEAD SUSHI, I AM A GHOST, LET ME OUT, and MODERN FAMILY. But fear not, there are more blood, zombies, and chilling stories to come this week! …or maybe you should be scared.

The following films are listed bloodiest to funniest:

ABCS OF DEATH | Thurs, Oct 18 @ 9:15pm: When twenty-six directors are assigned letters of the alphabet to depict various ways to die, the result takes you through a range of ridiculous through disturbing instances to die more original and beautifully shot than the stories of 1000 Ways to Die on Spike TV.

FRESH MEAT | Tonight @ 9:30: You know that feeling you get coming home from boarding school and find out your family has turned into cannibals? …yeah, me neither. But Danny Mulheron’s film made the idea entertaining with such a great cast.

HORROR STORIES | Fri, Oct 19 @ 9:30pm and Sat, Oct 20 @ 6:15pm: Who knew horror stories could help put someone to bed? It might only makes sense for twisted serial-killers. HORROR STORIES has five filmmakers to help bring a young girl’s stories to the screen, but are her stories enough to put her killer to sleep and give her time to escape?

REMINGTON AND THE CURSE OF THE ZOMBADINGS | Sat, Oct 20 @ 9pm: Remington is really into this girl, but she’s only into him for his transformation under a curse. Oh, and there’s zombie drag queens on the loose. How will Remington fight to be with the love of his life?

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