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HIFF 2009 Program Book

I have to give a big mahalo to Chris who worked so hard getting our 2009 program book on-line so quickly.  I showed my mom the on-line book and the two films she put on her must watch list are: MOTHER (opening night film) and 20TH CENTURY BOYS PT. 3: REDEMPTION.  We are showing parts 1 & 2 again for all of you who weren’t able to see it this past Spring.  What do you want to see most?

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Anonymous —

 Precious, Children of Invention, More Than A Game, Beast Stalker, No Impact Man. And, yes, thanks Chris!

Anonymous —

 Hope to hell its better than pt. 2 cause pt. 1 was awesome good.

Anonymous —

I am so excited to see Precious, I am so glad you guys were able to screen this movie!

Anonymous —

I am very excited to have this film in our festival too.  It’s been getting such good buzz.  See you there!

Anonymous —

 In the words of JJ Walker of GOOD TIMES – DYNN-O-MITE!!

Congrats Chris for online expediency.  Minette, Andy and writers for getting the content!

And the ‘Engine”  (Jo-Sa) for getting it to print.

Anonymous —

Great list of movies! I think Precious was more than a little patronizing, but a lot of the more unique films to HIFF are much more interesting. There are always so many great overlooked films, that any festival has the chance to put original work in the spotlight (with the right curators, of course). Including independent films is a golden rule of great curating, and it is excellent to see that in Hawaii. Three Idiots looks great!

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