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Hawaii Five O Panel and the Meet the Filmmakers Reception

An Afternoon With Hawaii Five-O was an amazing fan-friendly special event from the Hawaii International Film Festival. For two hours, attendees listened to the director, producer and five cast members discussing inside information about the show. There were also some questions from the audience including addressing the Bromance between McG and Danno, where the cast lives in Hawaii, and how Daniel Dae-Kim uses a skateboard to study his lines.

The lines were pretty long to get in (and I noticed many of my Facebook friends were the first in line) and once everyone got in, they took a seat. They were also treated to soda pop, popcorn and cookies for snacks. There was no picture or video taping allowed, but that did not damper the spirits of the crowd (these photos are courtesy of the HIFF photographer). 

Grace Park looked amazing as always, but I also finally got to see Lauren German, a new cast member for Season 2, and she was really beautiful as well (she is the one pictured above on the right). Later the entire panel took a photo. Here it is. They only let one person in the entire audience to take a picture with them, and she won that through a raffle!



About an hour after the Afternoon with Hawaii Five-O panel was done, the party moved right next door to Rum Fire at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. This mixer, sponsored by Where Magazine Hawaii, was for HIFF people to meet the filmmakers. And there were a lot of filmmakers there. We dined on pork sliders and chicken wings while washing it down with the festival beer sponsor Stella Artois.

Had a great time, watched another world class Hawaiian sunset and met a lot of great fillmmakers, including this photo with the boys behind the locally produced “6B”, easily the most social media talked about movie from the festival so far.

So now we are 30% through the festival special events. Tomorrow I’ll be here covering the Vilcek Foundation’s reception at the Halekulani Hotel that takes place tonight. 

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