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Hashtag HIFF

It’s the day before the festival, so we thought we’d take a peek into the eyes of society’s soul: Twitter. Turns out much of Honolulu’s getting excited for #HIFF re: some of our hashtag favs!

…and the account stream keeps flowing. If you want to interact with us, @ or hit us up on Facebook and let’s see some movies together!

You can follow @HIFF on Twitter here, and get wired in with some of us below:

@Sarah_Honda (Sarah Honda/Development Director)
@ale808 (Anderson Le/Director of Programming)
@atmarketing (Toby Tamaye/Party Planner)
@annapage47 (Anna Page/Education and Grant Coordinator)
@ChrisHall78 (Christopher Hall/Web & Social Media Coordinator)
@mattzeus (me/nobody)

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Heisenberg —

Whooo hooooooo!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!  Taking two weeks off for theses movies!!!!!

HIFF . . . please allow HIFFgoers’ Reviews same as how you allowed back in Fall 2009 (please let all, non-members on up review, please) ; ‘zample:  Red Cliff (the real, actual Chinese version, w/English subs):

 April Bride (snooorrrrre)

 20th Century Boys!!!  YAY!

Thanks!!!  Good times, good times!

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