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Get TOGETHER: First Screening of HIFF 2011

The most overused saying all of time ever regarding time ever, but: Can you believe it’s already been another year? About to spit Cliche: Part 2 right now, but seriously, HIFF 2010 feels like it was “just yesterday!” Since I’m in this sentimental fugue, thought I’d share with you what is officially the FIRST FILM of the 2011 festival schedule.

And it’s called TOGETHER.

I mean, c’mon, how perfect is that?! (Here, take a tissue.)

Screening at 6pm today, this documentary weaves an honest tapestry of very different lives—all impacted by HIV/AIDS in modern Chinese society. Embracing the Internet, direcor Zhao Liang is able to contact these individuals and tell their stories… Which is kind of what HIFF is all about—being able to tell people’s stories—so its billing as a the unofficial “kick off” to 2011 is too fitting.

Trailer for TOGETHER

If you wanna see the rest, hurry… it screens in less than 3 hours!


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