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Celebrate Culture + Arts Ko Olina Films – June 24-25

The films for June’s Celebrate Culture + Arts @ Ko Olina Film Series have been announced. This event takes place on the lawn at Ko Olina Resort’s Ulua Lagoon (#4) at sunset, rain or shine. Ticket Prices: $10 General Admission  $5 Ko Olina Residents, HIFF members, Senior & Military. For full details, please see our page for the film series.


Featured Films in June:

June 24                                                                  Buy Tickets

Pink Panther 2
Steve Martin, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina
Directed by Harald Zwart
Rated PG; 92 minutes; 2009

The world’s most valuable treasures are being stolen. The legendary Pink Panther Diamond is the latest to disappear, and Chief Inspector Dreyfus (John Cleese taking over acting duties from Kevin Kline) is assembling a team of international experts and detectives to track down the thief and recover the missing artifacts. The latest addition to the crack team is Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin), the intrepid yet awkward French detective who always seems to get his man.

View the Pink Panther 2 film trailer

June 25                                                                   Buy Tickets

50 First Dates
Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider, Sean Astin, Dan Aykroyd
Directed by Peter Segal
Rated PG-13; 96 minutes; 2004

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star together for the first time since The Wedding Singer in one of the funniest romantic comedies in years. Henry (Sandler) lives an enviable life in a Hawaiian paradise, spending every night with a beautiful tourist in search of an island fling. It’s a sweet life with no strings attached…until he meets Lucy (Barrymore). He and Lucy hit it off from the get-go, but the next day she acts like she doesn’t know him. Has his karma come around to kick him in the butt or what? Actually, Lucy has short-term memory loss so every night all memory of her day is erased. But a man in love will go to any lengths to win over the girl of his dreams, and if that means having to find imaginative ways of doing it over again every day, then Henry’s up for the challenge.

View 50 First Dates film trailer

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