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Drop That Controller and Hit the Theatre!

With this year’s theme “Films for Everyone”, we didn’t leave anybody left in the dust. Some people have already been preparing for the festival weeks in advance and those are the fans that probably already have all their tickets set. For those who haven’t picked up on the festival buzz yet, maybe because you’re stuck beating that final level of a challenging RPG or taking down the masses on a MMO, the time is now to check out the finest game related films that HIFF has to offer. First up, INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE.

Make way for the little guys in the competitive gaming world. A new batch of game developers has emerged and are determined to make a name not only for themselves, but for all the struggling developers out there who want to stay away from the restrictions of big company gaming. Follow the lives of the developers of popular games Braid, Super Meat Boy (a game I’ve lost my voice to multiple times), and Fez as they all showcase different stages of an indie game developers process. The film was actually quite touching to me because you feel the sadness and depression that they endure while trying to just make something worth their time. Maybe not a tear jerker to most, this film really takes you down a path most are too scared to go.

Takashi Miike is back to HIFF once again with his game inspired film ACE ATTORNEY. The game was originally created by Capcom back in 2001 and has generated a dedicated following of fans that have already been talking about the film at HIFF. The film combines courtroom drama and the games signature style of Sci-fi elements such as holographic images used as evidence. Join the cases of Phoenix Wright as he takes on some of the toughest tests a rookie lawyer could imagine including one revolving around the death of his mentor. Not planning on seeing this movie? OBJECTION!!!

  There has been talks of it here and there but we now have it up and running. The HIFF application for the iPhone was launched late last week and is perfect for everyone looking for another simple way to browse films and purchase tickets at your own convenience. Plan out your schedule days in advance as the first day of the Spring Showcase is quickly approaching next week Friday!

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