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5 Great Options for “A Date and a Movie” at the HIFF Spring Showcase

HIFF is a great location to take out a date. We’re serious! The age-old, gold ol’ reliable “date at the movies” is always a winner and the Spring Showcase has several options for the quintessential date movie (and with a little more depth, because hey, it is a film festival). Here are some films we suggest that will ensure a successful night out with a prospective and/or significant other:



Beijing-Love-Story-posterBreaking box office records in China, HIFF is proud to present BEIJING LOVE STORY. Different generations look at love, romance and commitment, all from a uniquely Beijing perspective; a pregnant woman must choose between her husband and an ex-love who comes back into her life, a couple looks toward a trip to Greece to confront their own infidelity, and a young couple must decide whether to listen to their parents’ reason or their emotional heart. In the spirit of CRASH and PARIS JE T’AIME, BEIJING LOVE STORY seeks to show how intertwined we truly are, regardless of city or culture.

Wednesday, April 09 – 8:45pm – Dole Cannery Theaters
Thursday, April 10 – 6:15pm – Dole Cannery Theaters



Final-Recipe-posterShanghai, China. One of the most prestigious culinary competitions is under way. Julia (Michelle Yeoh) hopes that her husband David (a former chef) enters the contest and rediscovers his love for cooking. But, he’ll have to compete against a young prodigy named Mark who wins round after round against some of the toughest competitors in Asia. Julia notices something particular about Mark, slowly realizing that the young prodigy and her husband resemble each other.

FINAL RECIPE, from acclaimed director Gina Kim (NEVER FOREVER), lushly photographs the brilliantly, mouth-watering culinary concoctions. The performances, especially the luminous Michelle Yeoh and K-pop star Henry Lau (Mark), truly shine in this delectable Pan-Asian melodrama. This special screening is part of the Cinema Hawaii series at the Hawaii Theatre Center.

Monday, April 14 – 7:00pm – Hawaii Theatre Center



How-To-Fight-In-Six-Inch-Heels-posterAlthough this romantic comedy is about potential infidelity, this female empowerment, cross-cultural comedy is a hoot and does put true love on a pedestal.

Meet Anne, an ambitious Vietnamese American fashion designer who has it all: a successful career and a dreamy fiance. Things quickly change, when Kiet, the fiance relocates to Vietnam and Anne becomes suspicious of Kiet’s intentions. In haste she flies to Vietnam, disguises herself as a supermodel and accidentally becomes Vietnam’s new IT girl.

HOW TO FIGHT IN SIX INCH HEELS is a benchmark film that showcases the best of Vietnam’s film industry, which is lead by a plethora of Asian Americans. A success for the entire cast and crew, however Bay Area’s own Kathy Uyen shines bright in this breakout role. Reminiscent of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, HOW TO FIGHT is a cleverly written film bursting with strong female characters, a perfect blend of humorous and touching moments and of course, fashion a plenty.

Saturday, April 05 – 6:15pm – Dole Cannery Theaters
Sunday, April 06 – 3:30pm – Dole Cannery Theaters



Hide-and-seek-posterNot all date movies have to be lovey dove. Horror films are great date films, perhaps even more so than the romantic genres, because hey, when it comes to having your date grip your hand after a scare or bury his or her head into your chest to avert his or her eyes from the big screen, then that is what I call a successful date, my friend! Either HIDE AND SEEK, which is about mysterious people who may be living secretly in your house or RIGOR MORTIS, an ode to the Chinese vampire genre of the 1970s, will be good bets for a great scary date at the movies!

Friday, April 04 – 6:30pm-  Dole Cannery Theaters
Wednesday, April 09 – 9:00pm – Dole Cannery Theaters

Friday, April 04 – 9:15pm – Dole Cannery Theaters
Thursday, April 10 – 9:15pm – Dole Cannery Theaters



Words-and-Pictures-posterThe film stars Clive Owen as Jack Marcus, an English teacher struggling to keep his students’ attention. When an acclaimed artist (Juliette Binoche) starts teaching at the school, Jack declares a war between Words and Pictures, pitting his students against hers in a bid to show which medium can show greater meaning. In addition to energizing the students’ creativity, the two teachers find new purpose in their professions and new possibilities in each other.

This feel good romantic comedy starring two radiant international stars, is perhaps the crown jewel of our date movie theme at the HIFF Spring Showcase. The trailer was just released online. Go see this wonderful film at the Spring Showcase before it’s May 23rd commercial release.

Saturday, April 05 – 6:00pm – Dole Cannery Theaters

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