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Conceptualizing Your Film Festival Viewing Schedule


I had lunch with a former board member and one of HIFF’s most devoted film patrons (he and his wife watch, on average, 25 – 30 films per festival). Before we ordered, he takes out a document from his back pocket and showed me something that looked like something out of a fantasy football league score sheet. Instead, it was his “scoring system” of HIFF films that he intends to watch and eventually map out schedule-wise. I was intrigued because he had a unique scoring and color coded system. Red indicated that he saw the trailer online and really liked it, for example. Now, these are films he has not seen yet, but after pouring through the program online for several hours, he assessed each title with his speculative score. Read More

And of course, he wanted me to spot check the scores to see if he was on the right track before he started slotting in the films for his master viewing schedule. In the past, he would use spreadsheets and the like, but with our cool Scheduling Genius, our website does all the work for in creating a customized schedule that fits him! In fact, he praised this new system. We at HIFF have also been test running the scheduling genius and it’s pretty nifty. Check it out!

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