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Do you know what today is? If you don’t know, open your fridge, pull out that leftover Mediterranean orzo and flip on your TV right now to see Anderson Cooper intervieweing Careé Otis, Kim Kardashian’s *~*fairtytale~*~ wedding or reruns of RHOBH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, duh) to realize it’s…

Still not getting it? Fine, just press play on the video below so we can hit you over the head with the fact today is…

…National Coming Out Day. (That’s it. That’s your answer. You can stop murdering the “play” button now.) That said, Happy National Coming Out Day!

At HIFF 2011 we have a special section named after the original “Born This Way” anthem:  EXPRESS YOURSELF.

Capsule summaries of the three films after the “Read More” jump/pirouette…

CIRCUMSTANCE is a stunning look that lifts the opaque veil up on Iranian youth culture. Based on the bisexual director’s own experiences, it’s depiction of the struggles of two lesbians has already had itself banned in Iran. Um, RUDE, RITE? Speaking of criticisms, CIRCUMSTANCE is faring well with film critics garnering at this writing an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. Radically fresh.

On the opposite side of the equality coin, Patrick Wang’s IN THE FAMILY looks at the freedoms of gay families in the United States, which while not conclusively banned a la Iran, is still pretty tenuous. I heard someone call this “the gay Erin Brokovich” and you know the gays love Erin Brokovich, so that must mean something. (It means it’s good.)

Finally, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR is a (wait for it) movie musical extravagaaanza! (okay, you can throw your *confetti* now) with more moves in its 105 min. running time than an episode of Glee or all of this action right here. After being kicked out of his home, a young man finds himself in the disco ballin’ world of v-v-v-voguin’ and ballroom dancing. Beyonce’s music director and choreographer provide the tunes + Sasha Fierce attitude.

Three trailers below in respective order:

All films sponsored by the Honolulu Gay and Lesbian Cultural Foundation

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