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When Juzo Itami brought TAMPOPO to HIFF 1990

It is such a treat to present Juzo Itami’s classic ‘ramen western’ TAMPOPO back to the big screen. One of the most beloved Japanese films of all time, the late Itami’s unique and biting satirical perspectives on Japanese society. Although his unexpected apparent suicide in 1997 was shrouded in a media frenzy scandal, he left a body of work that showcased him as one of the most dynamic directors working in the latter half of the 20th Century.

Jeannette Paulson-Hereniko, t…

New Chinese Cinema: The Latest from China and Hong Kong at HIFF36

With the inevitable benchmark of becoming the #1 movie box office market in the world (surpassing the US), Chinese cinema from Mainland China and Hong Kong are in some growing pains — As films become bigger, populated by stars and to cater to all audiences in China, arthouse and auteur cinema continues to fight the good fight to present dynamic works and a space in the crowded marketplace.

For Hong Kong, with a rich history of genre cinema, local directors continue to be challenged to…

Limited Discount Rates Available for Local Students & Filmmakers for Asian Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF)

Are you a local filmmaker who wants to attend the first annual Asian Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF) and learn from established producers and film execs from Hollywood and Asia? Do you want to diversify your content in this current multi-media, multi-format world? Finally, are you on a budget? Winston Baker and HIFF have opened up some seats with discounts for the one day conference on Nov 19 only (excluding other events). Just register online and use the following promo codes…

HIFF Films garner multiple nominations at Independent Spirit Awards

Several films from HIFF’s 2013 and 2014 film programs were recently honored with several Independent Spirit Award nominations, which were announced last week. As the first event to honor independent film exclusively, the Film Independent Spirit Awards has made a name for itself as the premier awards event for the independent film community. It’s a celebration of the spirited pioneers who bring a unique vision to filmmaking.

Along with being a fantastic party, the Spirit Awards…

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