Berlin International Film Festival

European films bring prestige to the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase

European films return in the big way at the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase. We are presenting 5 European productions and co-productions in this year’s HIFF Spring Showcase. The films range from ’70s style crime dramas, to a trip around the world in search of the best steak, to famous characters come to life from Gustave Flaubert’s seminal novel, to an anti-SEARCHERS story with a brooding Michael Fassbender, to an Argentinian set romantic comedy about a jaded film critic who feels as if his lif…

Anderson’s 62nd Berlinale Report

Berlinale Palast

Berlinale Palast

My annual jaunt to Berlin to attend the Berlinale kicks off my programming trips for the year. It’s always a pleasure and treat to visit Berlin, truly one of my favorite cities in the world. This year it was a little tough, considering that all of mainland Europe was experiencing record low temperatures. The cold was so bitter, it was consistently in the low teens Fahrenheit with a wind chill that would just cut through your very body.

The extremely cold weather promoted me to stay indoors as much as possible, and that meant mostly in the cinemas! My days mostly consist of film screenings, as well as meetings with film sales agents, distributors, and filmmakers prospecting on what I can get for my festivals. I also track what’s coming out at the various film markets and major festivals for the rest of 2012. Usually it’s over some brautwurst or some kind of pork knuckle dish with dumplings, but even that takes a toll on the system (it still amazes me to see little office girls eat like that everyday. Kind of warms my cockles but I digress).

Anyway, here are some film highlights from this year’s Berlinale. I hope to program some of these titles at HIFF, so treat this as a special sneak peek of what may be in store for October:

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