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Candid Chat With CAMINO Crew at Hawaii Premiere

zoe beller and josh waller

By Jordan Csigi and Michael Andrews (Ebert Young Writers Participants)

Filmed entirely in Hawaii, CAMINO is an intense thriller following a photojournalist on the run in the forests of Columbia after she snapped photos that some very bad people would’ve preferred she didn’t. We met up with director Josh Haller and lead actress Zoë Bell briefly before the Hawaii premiere of CAMINO for a candid discussion about Hawaii, the production of CAMINO, and their artistic aims as filmmakers. The two provide insight their working relationships and the standards and responsibilities of being filmmakers, Zoë talks about her background and motivations, Josh tells us who he dedicates the film to, and we all agree that if you’re going to work hard, Hawaii isn’t an awful place to do it.

As a part of our Ebert Young Writers Program for the Arts, we will be publishing the participants reviews and interviews they produce for the workshop on the official HIFF blog. 


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