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Audience Award Winners Announced!

We have the results from the counting of your ballots during the festival, and here are the audience awards. Quotes from the filmmakers courtesy of Hawaii Pacific Entertainment.

Favorite Feature:

“By receiving this wonderful award, I feel as if the film has started to walk on its own two legs,” says Takita Yojiro, director of DEPARTURES. “For a filmmaker, a great reaction from the audience is the best treat of all. The film has been fortunate to have had amazing acceptance from audiences, inside and outside of Japan, and now from the Pacific audiences in Hawaii. There is always differences of culture and religion, but I am reassured that how a person faces death is universal and is felt with similar emotions. I regret I was not able to attend your festival this year, but I hope that I will be given another chance in the near future.”
Favorite Documentary:

“I’m just so thrilled that audiences responded to Patsy Mink’s story,” says Kimberlee Bassford, director of PATSY MINK: AHEAD OF THE MAJORITY. “Patsy was someone who had such a huge impact on Hawai’i — and America. Because of her, women can play high school and college sports and go to graduate school. So, she really changed how we see women today. Despite her accomplishments and vision, Patsy wasn’t always understood–or appreciated–in her lifetime. So I’m glad the film can bring her story to new audiences.”
Favorite Short:

“CHIEF is a 100% Hawaii-made film, but it’s even more correct to call it a Honolulu film – so it was a major thrill to attend the hometown premiere, with audiences who can tell at a glance every beach or street corner where we filmed,” says Brett Wagner, director of CHIEF. “It’s exciting and humbling to know that so many people here responded favorably to the story, and that they think we got it right. Many mahalos to everyone who saw the film and helped deliver us this honor.”

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