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9TH WONDER of the World Lands in Honolulu

Instead of lead with a block of text, I thought I’d just let this trailer speak for itself.

#RealTalk: The film, THE WONDER YEAR, is probably the movie I’m most excited for. Patrick “9th Wonder” Douthit is an alt-hip hop game changer who’s spun rhymes with Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, Wale, Jay-Z, Chris Brown and basically every one else in your “Gettin’ Cray 4 da Club” playlist (just me?) on your iPod. Hey, don’t take my word for it, take Drake’s.

Since I KNOW I DONT’ HAVE TO TELL YOU WATCH THE TRAILER, it’s pretty clear that 9th Wonder is a solid beat machine. Go to the Hawaii premiere tomorrow at 8:30pm and follow the luminary through a year of his producing life, working with artists and industry peers, to teaching at Duke University.

And then follow him to Nextdoor in Chinatown for a—wait, what?!

That’s right. Following the premiere, literally follow 9th Wonder to Nextdoor in Chinatown for a Live Music Showcase because he will be here to DJ you into your weekend! This one night only appearance is the kick off to HIFF’s SOUND x VISION film section—in it’s second year and seriously better than ever. I mean, 9TH WONDER, yo!

I know you’re just amped on endorphines right now reading this, so here’s the best outlet we can offer ’til ‘morrow night: his music.


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