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Good morning! (In hungover speak, 2:01pm is a still the “morning,” comprende?)

If you’re aware that it’s a long Labor Day weekend like me, then there’s a 80%-Patron proof chance you’re slugging it with your body right now. Sssssssucks, bros, I know, but time for an in-house film festival remedy for you. What they don’t teach doctors in med school is that Alone Time over a soy latte + an Advil mixed with an ample dose of a Good Trailer is just what the nervous system orders; the sort of trailer that simultaneously numbs and stimulates the senses. MMMMmmmmm…uuuggghhhgaaaahgroanvomit.

Here are 4 picture-perfect mooOOOoooOody sights and sounds that’ll put your temples at ease – HIFF Rx approved.

1. RESTLESS // directed by Gus Van Sant

Gus Van Sant is a MOOD MACHINE. Mia Wachowski’s ethereal face meets touch of Asian ghost story whimsy sans kabuki plus delicate teenagers handing hands running over train tracks into well-lit hallways and don’t you just want to fall into a bed of crispy autumn leaves or something?! This movies look really ~*~sensitive~*~ which we could also say about our livers.

#2. WEEKEND // directed by Andrew Haigh

This looks good; we want to see this – if only for the fact it looks like it was shot in a cloud and being in a cloud would feel so f-ing nice right now. There’s few things quiet, talky films with sharp dialogue can’t cure in a hangover situation. Meaning, just ask the two dudes in this film who we’re puh-retty sure woke up with hangovers themselves, so hello, art imitating life/blog! WEEKEND is reminding us of other recent indies like MEDICINE FOR MELANCHONY or IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS and those were pretty good too.

Two more visual pills after the plunge…

#3. GAINSBOURG – A HEROIC LIFE // directed by Joann Sfar

Serge Gainsbourg’s music can solve any set of emotional circumstances you may find yourself in, BUT A MOVIE? Because S.G. is the O.G. definition of “zooper cool,” naturally so is everything about this biopic. This trailer can kill your hangover, but now a brand new problem rises to the surface: wanting to be French forever.

#4. SCENES FROM THE SUBURBS // directed by Spike Jonze

Okay, so the subject matter is kind of dark, but the “white noise” that threads this whole minute twenty-three seconds together is about the closest we’re gonna get to a head massage today. Also, the most aaaaannoying part about hangovers is that inability-to-get-out-of-bed-move-your-arms-around-or-anything feeling, so a blast in the face from an Arcade Fire record is sure to make you “Wake Up” and carpe the diem!

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