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Japanese Anime Films at HIFF

We have three anime films in this year’s festival. They are: EVANGELION 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE, FIRST SQUAD: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, and MAI MAI MIRACLE. Click on the title of this post above to see more information about these animated films.

[img_assist|nid=147|title=Oct 24 – 9:45pm, Oct 25 – 8:45pm (Dole)|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=240|height=135]The EVANGELION 2.0 film is the second in a series of 4 films which are a remake of the original TV series, which started almost 15 years ago in 1995.

Evangelion is an apocalyptic mecha action series which revolves around the efforts by the paramilitary organization Nerv to fight monstrous beings called Angels, primarily using giant mecha called Evangelions which are piloted by select teenagers, one of whom is the primary protagonist. – Wikipedia

View Trailer for EVANGELION 2.0

[img_assist|nid=148|title=Oct 21 – 10:00pm, Oct 23 – 3:45pm (Dole)|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=240|height=135]

FIRST SQUAD: THE MOMENT OF TRUTH is a Russian/Japanese co-production which is set in the later years of World War II. It is about the Russian and German armies trying to harness supernatural powers to gain an edge and win the war. The animation sequences are interspersed with Russian and German historians talking about actual events that happened during the war.


[img_assist|nid=149|title=Oct 24 – 3:00pm (Dole)|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=240|height=135]The last anime film, MAI MAI MIRACLE, is more suited for children than the previous two we talked about. This is in our Family Fest section, and is directed by Sunao Katabuchi (assistant director for KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE). It is about a third grade elementary student who daydreams about the world of 1,000 years ago. She discovers she has a family connection with a a thousand-year-old province of legend, known as Suō.

View Trailer for MAI MAI MIRACLE

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