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Free Screening of Sundance favorite RUDDERLESS at Courtyard Cinema, April 9

This April’s Courtyard Cinema film at Ward Village is the Sundance favorite RUDDERLESS, the directorial debut of Academy nominated actor William H. Macy. After a grieving father finds a box of demo tapes made by his now-dead son, he forms a band in hope of finding some peace.

A grieving father (Billy Crudup) goes on a downward spiral after his son is killed in a school shooting. He comes across a box of his deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics and is shocked by the discovery…

European films bring prestige to the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase

European films return in the big way at the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase. We are presenting 5 European productions and co-productions in this year’s HIFF Spring Showcase. The films range from ’70s style crime dramas, to a trip around the world in search of the best steak, to famous characters come to life from Gustave Flaubert’s seminal novel, to an anti-SEARCHERS story with a brooding Michael Fassbender, to an Argentinian set romantic comedy about a jaded film critic who feels as if his lif…

Indian Mega-Hit “I” Comes to HIFF Spring Showcase!

One of the biggest Indian hits of 2014, and one of the biggest “Kollywood” hits of all time, the all Tamil-language tour-de-force “I” lands at HIFF Spring Showcas…

Documentaries Shine at HIFF Spring Showcase 2015

Documentaries shine at the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase! We’ve got 6 dynamic, diverse and award winning documentaries straight from Toronto, Berlin and Sundance Film Festivals, one that is a special sneak peek of a Korean box office hit, and a biography about an American literary treasure with a renewed mission on sustainability on Maui.

Check out this year’s documentary selections below:

Now in his 86th year, Poet Laureate and Pulitzer winner W.S.

Korean Films at Spring Showcase 2015 Edition

Like any other Spring Showcase, the 2015 Edition would not be complete without some of the hottest titles straight from South Korea. And this year there are more Spring Showcase films from Korea than any other single country! With a whopping 7 titles coming in April, there is something for every Korean cinema fan. Love action? Comedy? Romance? Drama? We’ve got you covered. Check out the full details on our Korean films this Spring…

Sundance Grand Jury and Audience Award winner ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL is Last Minute Addition to HIFF Spring Showcase 2015

The news keeps on coming! The HIFF Spring Showcase 2015 program guides have been printed already, but the programming team has reserved a few TBA slots to add last minute additions to the festival program after the program guide print deadline. And we’ve got a major title, straight from the recently concluded Sundance Film Festival!

ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL, based on the bestselling novel, is the story of an awkward high-school senior (Thomas Mann) and a gravely ill classmat…

HIFF Spring Showcase 2015 Member’s Sneak Peek is WOMAN IN GOLD starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds

For the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase (April 10 – 19), there will be an advance sneak peek of a new film and we’re inviting our HIFF Ohana members to attend this free screening! This FREE screening serves as a “mahalo” to our members by presenting a buzz-worthy, major film before its commercial release and to also officially kick off the HIFF Box-Office for the HIFF Ohana members.

We are honored to present the Hawaii premiere of WOMAN IN GOLD starring Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Ryan…

Japanese films at the 2015 Spring Showcase!

No HIFF Spring Showcase would be complete without some of the hottest titles fresh from Japan, and the 2015 lineup does not disappoint. In addition to the fabulous Opening Night film A SAMURAI CHRONICLE, HIFF has 5 other Japanese titles to hold you over until Fall. From samurai drama, to foodie fare and even a children’s comedy, check out these 6 titles coming to the Spring Showcase in…

Hot Titles straight from Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals

The HIFF Spring Showcase is a great way to catch up on recent award winning films that have recently premiered at major film festivals like Toronto, Busan and Sundance. You can equate these as films that are hot, right out of the major film festival oven, with HIFF Spring Showcase providing an opportunity to serve a prix fixe meal with several courses representing the very best AND latest in international cinema.

Therefore, here’s this Spring Showcase’s tasting menu:

Straight from…

Opening and Closing Night Films at the 2015 HIFF Spring Showcase

For those of you that follow our HIFF Enews and HIFF blog, you have likely seen the exciting announcement of our 2015 Spring Showcase Opening Night and Closing Night films. In true HIFF style we have two very exciting major titles from Japan and China for these key gala film events this Spring. Though you may have read a bit about these titles already, here is the full lowdown on these two titles and the score on the films’ cast and crew as well as their history with the Hawaii Internationa…

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