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HIFF Fundraiser at Pearl


The HIFF staff will be shaking it to the ground in our meat dresses this coming Tuesday at PEARL, and we want YOU to join us!  Tuesday 6PM – 2AM Pearl will be hosting another fundraiser to celebrate 30 years of HIFF and the upcoming film festival (we’re almost there!).

During this event, we will be giving out HIFF30 buttons with a donation of at least $10; which not only will support the film festival, but will also get you 10% off all your purchases at Pearl. Happy Hour pricing all night on drinks and food until 8PM.

HIFF’s Educational Programs

Did you know that HIFF provides free educational programs each year? If you’re an educator in the state of Hawaii, there are opportunities available to bring your class to a HIFF film, have a filmmaker make a classroom visit, or participate in a video conference with filmmakers. Please share this with any educators you know, the deadline to sign up is September 30th.

We’ve updated the information for the 2010 educational programs, including the Guest Filmmaker Program and Cultural & Visual Literacy Program. Some available filmmakers are: Darieus Legg (Director of ECILA), Chuck Mitsui (Director of ONE KINE DAY), Miao Wang (Director of BEIJING TAXI), and more will be announced soon. Ric Galindez and Roy Tjioe (Producers of PRINCESS KAIULANI, SOUL SURFER) will be available for this year’s Video Conference.

Films in our CVLP program include: ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW (Hong Kong), SING CHINA! (United States), RASPBERRY MAGIC (United States). See more information about these films on the CVLP page.

Films revealed at our I Heart HIFF event

In case you missed our recent member mixer and open house event at Nextdoor, these films were announced for the fall festival, and we played their trailers. To see trailers for these films, please take a look at our YouTube Channel. We’ll be announcing more films through our email newsletter over the next two weeks, until the full program announcement around September 15th.






















From browsing through the wall poster racks of Sam Goody in middle school, thinking, “Which one of these will impress my friends the most?” to spending $40 on a Pierrot Le Fou poster off the net in my college dorm room, thinking, “Who needs friends when I can look at this all day?,” film posters have always held a special place in my camphor, nitrocellulose heart.

So after scourging the web, I came across this list of 50 Incredible Film Posters from Poland (or if you want more than just the edited fifty, I’m one step ahead of you: “Google image search “polish film posters”). We’re walking the line of contemporary art here, people!


[img_assist|nid=404|title=|desc=Clockwise from top left corner: ALIEN; ROSEMARY’S BABY; TOOTSIE; WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S; PERMANENT VACATION; THE FLY|link=none|align=center|width=620|height=295]

Our friends at MUBI made a similar poster-related post highlighting Iranian Cinema of the 60s and 70s after the jump…


There’s without a doubt a stirring inner circle of filmmakers and made-in-Hawaii films starting to surface in the past few months. Just look at the recent ‘Oiwi Film Festival and ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase 2010 — Hawaiian filmmaking seems to be everywhere.


Case in point: Two weeks ago, I met an aspiring local actress – and recent NYU Tisch graduate – who invited me to help on the set of a short she just so happened to be acting in (turns out, she just so happened to have written it also). Producer + Screenwriter + Actress = triple-threat Katherine Emily Mills. Gathering talent from New York City and Hawai’i, her cast and crew shot on-location in Kahala and the North Shore under the Last Pictures banner. If you’ve ever been on a shoot before, you know orchestrating that many bodies and equipment takes time and eat-your-breakfast energy, otherwise you might go Christian Bale on someone. Luckily I have infinite patience and I don’t know, there’s just something about small teams and operating on a shoe-string budget that really makes you feel like you’re a part of something special (am I right, HIFF team?)

More about her film, STANDING IN WATER, after the jump…

Thanks to everyone who came out to ‘I Heart HIFF’!

We had a great event last night, with close to 400 people coming out and attending. Nextdoor was packed, everyone was enjoying the food from J.J. Dolans, and many of you won prizes during the raffle. We hope you enjoy those concert tickets, thanks again to BAMP Project for providing them.

You may be wondering, what’s next? Well, here it is:

HIFF will be releasing some more info about films slowly over the next month or so, but the full program and schedule announcement will come Mid-September. We’ll be launching our Online Program Guide at that time, so you’ll be able to view synopses, photos and trailers from the films, etc.

There will be a Sneak Peek event with the unveiling of the HIFF 30 festival trailer and a film shown for free to HIFF Members (title TBD) on Thursday, September 30th. Tickets will go on sale for Members at that time, and for the General Public on Monday, October 4th. Then the films will begin October 14th and run through the 24th.

`Ohina Short Film Showcase Trailer 2010

Congratulations to the `Ohina Short Film Showcase for a successful 2010 presentation! One of the highlights of the `Ohina program was the larger-than-life trailer by Gerard Elmore of Shooters, Todd Robertson of Hyperspective Studios, and Allan Payne of Payne Advertising. The trailer also stars the multi-talented Aidan Laprete Powell. Get your submissions ready for 2011!

Come join us at ‘I Heart HIFF’ next Thursday!

[img_assist|nid=376|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=right|width=300|height=450]Come join us at our upcoming I Heart HIFF event, next Thursday, August 19th from 5pm to 8pm at Nextdoor in Downtown Honolulu.

You can find details about the event on this page, but what we want to talk about here is some of the raffle prizes. If you bought a ‘HIFF 30’ button during our Spring Festival, show it at the event to get two free raffle tickets. Additional raffle tickets can be obtained with a donation to HIFF. Due to generosity of BAMP Project, we have the following concert tickets to raffle:


2 (1 pair) tickets – Black Star
Friday, August 27th
Waterfront at Aloha Tower


2 (1 pair) tickets – Owl City
Saturday, August 28th
Pipeline Cafe


2 (1 pair) tickets – Chevelle
Saturday, September 11th
Pipeline Cafe


2 (1 pair) tickets – The Maine & Forever the Sickest Kids
Saturday, September 18th
Pipeline Cafe


2 (1 pair) tickets – Ghostland Observatory
Saturday, October 9th
Pipeline Cafe


We covered the half-social networking/half-video-on-demand indie film site, MUBI, last week, but what we forgot to mention was this 2.0 business model is just the beginning. Check out this article from last Tuesday’s New York Times about on-demand options for hard-to-find films.

Serious moviegoers may still see on-demand channels as a dumping ground for films that were in theaters six months ago or weren’t good enough to be in theaters at all. But as more and more “small,” serious films fight for screen time, a few distributors are starting to see on-demand television as a first option — which means that the quality of on-demand offerings is beginning to rise.

[img_assist|nid=374|title=|desc=Imagine bringing To to you|link=none|align=center|width=420|height=221]



New poster art for the Joaquin Phoenix “documentary” (I would use mockumentary here sans the “ironic” punctuation, but the film is being released as something un-Christopher Guest, whatever) that reared it’s vice-y Vincent Gallo head on Letterman over a year ago, and I gotta say, behind this blurry and bearded mess, I’m into it.

Directed by Casey Affleck (Phoenix’s brother-in-law), the footage depicts the[img_assist|nid=371|title=|desc=Affleck shooting Phoenix in the head|link=none|align=right|width=240|height=154] star’s “public” “breakdown” from his “announcement” that he’s “retiring” from “acting” to “pursue” a “career” as a hip-hop “artist.” My guess is the two are attempting to fog the line between fact and fiction (and is-there-even-such-thing-as-a-line?) with the depravity dripping Hollywood industry as a backdrop while making a commentary about fame, fortune, and happiness along the way?

The whatever-this-is is due out September 10 and I will probably see it because it looks weird.

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