Asian Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF)


In association with Winston Baker, the leading producer of film finance forum around the world, HIFF is launching the new Asia Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF) in Honolulu during the 35th Hawaii International Film Festival presented by Halekulani.

The ​APEFF ​is ​a ​comprehensive ​program ​unlike ​any ​finance ​conference ​being ​offered ​today! ​Through ​a ​combination ​of ​keynotes, ​presentations, ​and ​panel ​discussions, ​industry ​leaders ​will ​address ​investment, ​financing ​and ​growth ​strategies ​within ​the ​film, ​TV ​and ​gaming ​sectors, as well as a focus on breaking into the China market and co-production packaging with the intent to shoot on location in Hawaii. The conference will be held at one of HIFF’s major sponsors, THE MODERN HONOLULU HOTEL, on Thursday, 11/19.

What is APEFF?

The entertainment industry is going through an innovative revolution. Content producers are finding new ways to tell their stories across multiple platforms. Marketers and distributors are getting more creative in their efforts to reach wider audiences. And more than ever, there is an abundance of prospects for investors to fuel growth and make meaningful revenues. Hence we are offering a new kind of conference in the middle of paradise, the Asia Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF), to create a bridge between Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Asia so that content creators and innovators can collaborate with financiers and facilitators who are actively developing and fueling the growth of great projects in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Who should attend?

The Asia Pacific Entertainment Finance Forum (APEFF) was designed and produced by Winston Baker to provide insight to equity and debt financiers on investment opportunities, challenges and strategies for increased upside as they relate to film, TV, digital and gaming. The forum also offers sessions for producers, developers, and innovators looking for effective approaches to fundraising, marketing, distribution, and profitability.

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