HIFF 2000

20th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival

November 2-11, 2000

Award Winners

First Hawaiian Bank Golden Maile Award for Best Narrative
Director: Kwon-taek Im

First Hawaiian Bank Golden Maile Award for Best Documentary
Director: Tom Zubrycki

Director: Zhou Sun

Hawaii Film & Videomaker Award
Director: Kala’iokona Ontai

Film in Hawai’i Award

Kodak Vision Award for Cinematography

Audience Award for Best Feature
Director: Gene Cajayon

Audience Award for Best Documentary
Director: Andy Nehl

Audience Award for Best Short
Director: Matt Yamashita

2000 Program Book Cover

Opening Night

Director: Ang Lee
China 2000

Director: James Gray
USA 2000

Closing Night

Director: E. Elias Merhige
UK / USA 2000

playing with… WAKING MELE
Director: Anne Misawa
USA 2000

No Premiere Information Available

2000 Festival Trailer

I’m the lucky guy who gets to take the reins for the Hawai’i International Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary Year. There are so many people and organizations to thank that I cannot possibly begin to adequately list them all. My colleagues on the HIFF Staff are among the finest with whom I have ever worked. Our Board of Directors has earned its stripes and worked harder than they may have ever imagined. They continually provide the staff and me with invaluable counsel. Our generous, faithful sponsors have been there for HIFF like never before. Our HIFF Ohana membership society has supported us like the enthusiastic family members they have become. Above all, perhaps, credit must go to our audience members who have journeyed with us to exotic locales in Asia, the Pacific and North America.

A film foundation was laid for HIFF by its gifted Founding Director, Jeannette Paulson Hereniko. Her wise vision, excellent taste, extraordinary tenacity and hard work launched HIFF with grace, content and style. There would today be no Hawai’i International Film Festival if it were not for Jeannette.

Christian Gaines followed as Festival Director, building and expanding on Jeannette’s foundation and stepping into shoes which were a sizable challenge to fill. He guided HIFF well through its transition years into the festival it is today.

“See you at the movies.” Jeannette’s signature refrain perfectly captures the fascination, excitement and enthusiastic appeal of film. As the lights go down, the audience sits together as impromptu associates eagerly waiting for the film to roll. There’s nothing quite like that feeling, especially the unique exhilaration and moving insight which come from international films.

Since its inception, the Hawai’i International Film Festival’s mission has been to promote cultural understanding among the peoples of Asia, the Pacific Rim and North America through film. The Hawai’i International Film Festival and I remain committed to that mission and toward special efforts at promoting filmmaking by Hawai’i-based and indigenous filmmakers from the Pacific as well.

Some major venue changes are in store this year. HIFF is for the first time screening in Waikiki. Our major site there will be the Waikiki 1 and 2 Theaters and the fabulous new Hawai’i Convention Center. We’re excited to be part of the movement to bring “locals” back to Waikiki. Besides films, we are also presenting seminars there, so come spend the whole day with HIFF, taking in various events at one convenient location. HIFF will once again be at the excellent Signature Dole Cannery Theaters with their state-of-the-art projection and sound systems. There’s lots of free parking, and HIFF’s Box Office is conveniently located just outside the theater’s front entrance. We’ve got the glorious Hawai’i Theatre lined up for HIFF’s closing weekend and have even established a base at the University of Hawai’i Campus Center. HIFF started out at the East-West Center, and we look forward to this return to our old neighborhood.

In honor of the Hawai’i International Film Festival’s anniversary, we’ve programmed a special retrospective section. “Made in Hawai’i: A Retrospective of Hawai’i Filmmakers” opens the Festival on November 3rd at the Hawai’i Convention Center. A five hour Showcase will screen some of the finest films and videos made during the past century in Hawai’i by local filmmakers. In addition, a special Hawai’i Retrospective Room at the Convention Center will, over a period of seven days, offer an extended program of Hawai’i-based filmmaking.

HIFF on the neighbor islands is unique among film festivals throughout the world and is almost a different festival altogether. It is a bit slower paced, in wonderful, often historic theaters on different islands, each which has its own personality. The Eastman Kodak Cinematography Seminar with Roger Deakins will be presented exclusively on Kaua’i and is intended to draw attendees from other islands. It’s not to be missed.

Our 20th year features wonderful films, outstanding seminars and exciting special events – something for everyone. So, “See you at the movies!”

Chuck Boller
Executive Director